Our Team

All-Star Transportation was founded in 2004 to provide outstanding school transportation services. We were built on a foundation of hard work and character, and we have stayed true to those roots as the company has grown. We feel a special responsibility to our customers and employees. Every day, we seek to improve our performance and the services we provide. We value people. We care about the communities, schools, parents and students we serve. Honesty, reliability, trust and respect are ingrained in our corporate culture. A commitment to safety and sustainability also are core principles.

Our Numbers

All-Star Transportation employs more than 1,000 people, including managers, dispatchers, safety supervisors, mechanics, monitors and, of course, drivers. We operate 18 terminals in Litchfield, New Haven and upper Fairfield Counties of Connecticut, servicing the in-district and out-of-district transportation for 35 cities and towns. We have three full-service maintenance facilities and a fleet of more than 900 vehicles. During the school year, All-Star Transportation safely transports more 47,000 students every day.

Our Goals

We understand that our commitment and responsibilities to the communities we serve goes beyond the safe transportation of students. So, at All-Star Transportation we strive to better our communities through active participation in community events and by heightening school bus safety awareness, employee incentive programs and much more. We work continuously to maintain our position as Connecticut’s leader in school bus transportation.

Our Store

If you would like to purchase clothing and other apparel branded with the All-Star Transportation logo, please click here to visit our online store.

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