Emergency Training

To ensure that our employees receive the best and latest emergency training, All-Star Transportation has partnered with Prepare To Act. Based in nearby Watertown, Prepare to Act provides safety training to a wide variety of businesses and individuals. Its staff works closely with All-Star’s safety team to develop and deliver training that addresses the specific needs of our drivers, monitors and their support staff.

Our goal is to provide our staff with the skills and knowledge they need to quickly and properly respond to any emergency.

Prepare to Act offers safety courses and programs that cover all areas of preparedness and emergency readiness, from first aid to pistol permits and everything in between. The company provides its clients with up-to-date instruction that enables them to build a safe and secure life for their families, co-workers and friends generation after generation.

Prepare to Act was founded by Chris Marciano, a 20-year police veteran committed to personal, home, and corporate safety. During his law enforcement career, Marciano has been involved in murder investigations, undercover narcotic work with the DEA, and seized hundreds of thousands of dollars of criminal assets.

He also has devoted countless hours to training, building and helping those who are fearful, bullied, or intimated by life. It’s the very reason he founded Prepare To Act and hired professionals in the field who have the same drive and motivation to empower those in need.

“Evil exists,” Marciano says, “but we are here to make people stronger physically and mentally. We want them to know how to protect themselves and survive and always win in any situation. We are the ones who have real-life experience and we know what it takes, so other people certainly can too!”