Preparing To Act

Chris Marciano Chris Marciano

WATERBURY – All-Star Transportation announced today that it is partnering with Prepare To Act to create a comprehensive training program that will teach drivers, monitors and other staff members how to respond to emergencies specific to the school transportation industry.

Prepare to Act is a safety training company based in Watertown. It was founded by Chris Marciano, a 20-year police veteran with extensive experience in personal, home, and corporate safety.

“Chris has been working closely with our safety team to develop a comprehensive program that meets our specific industry needs,” said Leslie Sheldon, All-Star Transportation’s operations manager.

“Our drivers, monitors and support staff are responsible for the safety of thousands of children each day, and it’s critical that they be prepared to cope with a wide variety of emergencies, from allergic reactions to vehicle accidents,” she added.

The new training program will be implemented company-wide to ensure that all employees are taught the same procedures. Of particular note, the new program will include training on how to administer EpiPens in response to a child suffering from anaphylactic shock to comply with a new state law.

“I’ve seen allergic reactions get very bad very quickly,” Marciano said. “The EpiPen Injection is a vital piece of the overall picture. In and of itself, it won’t necessarily save a life. What it will do is buy you the time you need to get more advanced medical care.

“With any emergency situation it is vital to stay calm, keep your mind present and focused on the task at hand, then handle it,” he added. “ You’ve got to commit to your actions and know that you’re doing the right thing.“

Training for employees will start in May and will be completed by July 1. The training also will be included in All-Star’s new driver program to ensure that all future employees are properly prepared for emergencies.

All-Star Transportation operates 18 terminals in Litchfield, New Haven and upper Fairfield Counties in Connecticut, servicing the in-district and out-of-district transportation for 35 cities and towns. During the school year, All-Star Transportation safely transports more 47,000 students every day.