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Propane bus safety

SEYMOUR – Dozens of volunteer firefighters crowded into the service bays at All-Star Transportation’s terminal in Seymour last night to get a first-hand look at a propane-fueled school bus and to learn how to respond in the event of an emergency involving a propane bus.

Checking our propane fueling stationThe gathering of the Seymour firefighters was organized by Steve Rosko, All-Star’s director of maintenance, to ensure the safety of students, drivers and emergency personnel as propane buses are added to the fleet in Seymour. About half of Seymour’s 90 buses are now fueled by propane.

The training session focused on the mechanical systems of propane buses and also included a close-up study of the terminal’s propane fueling system. A new 2020 bus was hoisted on a lift to provide easy access for all members of the fire departments. It allowed them to examine fuel system lines, pumps and emergency shut-off valves. Rosko also delivered an in-depth introduction to the engine and fuel systems, as well as discussing the type of fuel used and the fueling procedure that is used.

Close-up of propane-fueled engineAt the conclusion of the hour-long session, firefighters applauded Rosko and those who helped him organize the event.