Two Trainers Earn State Certification

WATERBURY – Karen Vega and Jeremy Newman, two of All-Star’s long-time trainers from the Seymour terminal, have become state-certified trainers after completing a rigorous state program last week.

“They were recommended by our company, their manager and safety supervisor to apply for this position after several years as trainers for All-Star. It required them to both pass an extensive pre-qualification in June,” says Brenda Bass, All-Star’s safety supervisor.

As a DMV inspector and master instructor observed, they first had to perform a pre-trip as if they were teaching a new trainee. Once the pre-trip was completed they had to complete all the required procedures that a bus driver must do – a student pick-up/ drop-off and a live railroad crossing. They also went out on a road test again with a DMV inspector and master instructor on board. They had to drive defensively and follow all the rules of the road, while continually providing a verbal narration of what they were seeing and doing. There were 20 applicants from all over the state attempting to pass the pre-qualification exam, and  only 15 from the group of 20 made it through.

Next, they had to attend a 40 hours of classroom training at DMV offices in Wethersfield. Each participant had to deliver three presentations to the class – a 5-minute presentation, a 10-minute one and a 15-minute final presentation. It was a grueling five days of classes that ended last Wednesday with a ceremony during which Vega, Newman and 70 others were awarded their new state instructor ID cards.

“We are very proud of them for achieving this distinction and look forward to many years of them training for All-Star,” Bass said.

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